SavCo Optical Rx Swim Goggles
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SavCo Rx Swim Goggles for Kids,Teens & Adults (+1.0 to + 8.0)

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2 or more: $32.99 each
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 Rx Swim Goggles (+1.0 to +8.0)  


Each pair of swim goggles has a UV Shield & Anti-Fog 

they come with a Hard Case & 3 Bridges (S,M,L)


Please ask your doctor for your prescription or use our guide to figure it out on your own. If you need help feel free to contact us at (858) 537-0947 or


To calculate the strength of the diopter you need use this formula:
             1/2 of the cylinder + sphere = diopter strength


Goggles are for ages 4yrs old to Adults




***If your child is has a differenct Prescription in each eye***

When Buying RX swim goggles. If one eye is a +6.0 and other eye is a +6.5 always purchase for lower RX strength eye. Water will always magnify up to a full power and this will be best RX for both eyes.

If you want Different RX for both eye please contact us for assistance